Monday, May 27, 2019

1st Grade Weather Report!

In our last unit, 1st graders are investigating the weather! They are learning how to read a thermometer in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  We first investigated temperature in the classroom, then, during next science class, we go outside to take the temperature and write a weather report!

It's hard to see where the red line
stops sometimes.

You have to give the thermometer time
to measure the temperature.

You have to be sure to only hold the sides of
the thermometer.  If you don't, you will be
taking your temperature!

Looking closely at the temperature of cold water.

Now discovering the temperature of warm water.

Writing the weather report from the garden.

Going outside to see what the temperature is.

Reading the thermometer, checking the wind!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

2nd Grade Explores Ramps!

2nd grade has been investigating what happens when objects roll down a ramp.  They first used wheels to make different types of rollers that would roll around the corner, back and forth as well as a wobbly roller.  They then tried to create new "tricks" with their wheels.

These wheels roll straight.

It's hard to make one wheel roll straight. It
wobbles and falls.

A lot of time was spent readjusting
the clothespins to keep the ramp up!

Around the corner!

Sometimes the axel needs to be cut once it
starts to bend.

 The next investigation involved rolling cups.  This was a bit trickier.  The first challenge was rolling the cup off the ramp and "parking" underneath.  For the second one, the cup needed to roll off the ramp and fall upside down. Lastly, they needed to figure out how to roll the cups straight down the ramp.  This involved using masking tape to keep the cups together!

We are ending the unit by manipulating runways for a marble to roll through.

Down the hill, up the hill and back down

Around the corner.

 The ultimate challenge...using more than one runway!

Three runways!

Working together!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Our Chicks Are Going Upstate...

Well, it had to happen sometime....our nine growing chicks are leaving Brooklyn for their new home in upstate New York!  We are lucky that a wonderful PS58 family has a chicken coop at their house upstate and has offered to take our chicks for the second time!  We now will be able to see how they grow!

Blue Andalusian chick!

Inside the brooder. They love to huddle together.

A Barred Rock chick exploring the classroom.

They love to eat out of our hands!

Pecking at sparkly sneakers!

They sure do like to poop!  Lots of paper towels
to cover it up!

Escaping chicks in all directions!

They are SO soft!

You can feel their bones.

Standing on some hands, while other hands wait patiently!

This chick is resting on Ms. Karyn's wrist!

Lots of food!*

Come on little guy!*

It doesn't hurt when they peck.*

Here you go little chick.*

Come onto my hands!*
Ms. Valerie's class, K-131, made a house for the chicks during choice time.  There was a bridge, a tunnel to get inside, soft beds, a hanging porch and a top that could let light in.The class was so excited to see if the chicks would like their creation! Some of the class noticed that the entrance to the house was too small for the growing chick to use, so they opened up the top!
They borrowed two scooters from the gym to
bring the house safely from their classroom
to mine.

They explained all the parts, including soft
foam in case the chicks fell off the bridge.

One of the Blue Andalusian chicks bravely
walked across the bridge!

She was a little uncertain about the porch.

After spotting my Little Sun solar lamp, they
added it to their house thinking it would help the
chicks see.

Well....two solar lamps are better than one...
and better to be inside the house so it won't fall on the chicks!
* photo credit Karyn Ruggiero.

Little Sun Fun Run is a Success!

Thank you PS 58 for supporting Little Sun Foundation's Solar Schools Rwanda Project!  We have raised almost $7,000 during our Little Sun Fun Run!  That is 233 Little Sun solar lamps for Rwandan school children with no access to electricity!  Congratulations everyone!

5th Graders just completing the Little Sun Fun Run!

Go 1st graders!!

Way to go runners! Keep it up!

Little Sun solar lamps of PS58!

Cheering on the runners!

Running for Little Sun with the Little Sun!

Go 3rd graders!

 The class that raised the most money for the Solar Schools Rwanda project is...
K-111, Ms. Aleksandra's Happy Dolphins! Congratulations!

The Happy Dolphins learning they won the pizza party!