Sunday, November 24, 2019

Citizen Scientists in Action!

As of last week all six 2nd grade classes have gone to Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park to check on our oyster research station (ORS).  We not only measured the oysters, but we gathered data on the water and air temperature, the salinity level of the water, noted the tide and the water conditions! The data we collected will be submitted to the Billion Oyster Project next week!  Nice work 2nd graders!

Low tide.

High tide and wet weather!

High tide.

Hauling up the ORS.

The ORS doesn't touch the bottom.

How many are alive?

We counted 58 live oysters.

A black fish was in our ORS.  Don't worry, we were able to
throw it back in the water.

The little jelly like dot on the shell is a sea anemone.

A little amphipod. 

Measuring the salinity level.

Back into the water they go.

See you in the spring!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Pre-K As Paleontologists!

Pre-K has been exploring the world of fossils. They have been observed real fossils and dug for dinosaur "fossils".  They even made their own fossils!